Gussy Up to Sell

As a Seller, we should know that aside from hiring a good realtor we also need to gauge if the realtor we are about to hire know how to dressed your house to sell.

Imagines a buyer looking at a blurred picture of a house online, do you think they will be interested in looking forward to this house? How about a living room with imbalance colors and types of furnitures, a limited space of the area and dark lighting of the house. All of that being said is one big factor of selling your house in a less amount of time.

Aside from good marketing skills, home staging is a great factor why a house can be sold in the next 30 days.

They said that mismatching of furnitures, colors and fabrics are a bad idea. That is a one big misconception on staging your home. To stop the monotony of space and replace it with more interesting area, we can do mismatching. For example, a dining table with all same chairs and colors. End chairs can be replaced with a contrasting style or color to add more visual interest in that area.

Contrasting colors. According to Sherwin-Williams 2014 National Home Design and Color survey, nearly two out of three homeowners said they want more colors in their home. We can use two different complementing colors in our toss pillows or candles in our living room, in that way we can avoid the stagnant look in our living room.

Proper lighting can affect our mood. We have to create ambiance and the feeling of serenity in our home. It is important for every working mom or dad to have this feeling at the end of the day.

Types of house and lifestyles. It is important for a realtor to know about what type of house you have and what distinctive interests you have in your neighborhood so that they can put up a compatible decorations in your house. Every neighborhood has its own cultural appeal, they have to know that so that they can create a vision for your house.

Painting cabinets of the kitchen into a lighter one can offer a dramatic transformation of your kitchen and can brighten up a space.

And last but not the least, your realtor should have a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. It is important that the house you are selling stand out in the market in order to get wide range of buyers.

You deserve the best for selling your home.


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