Technology in Real Estate

As a Buyer, we go to a lot of websites just to look for a perfect home for us. We registered, schedule showing and adjust our schedule to give way on looking our target new home. But things will be different now!

As a Seller, we hire, listing agent and prepare for people we don’t know who will enter our home and look how pretty our home is. But things will be different now!

As a Listing Agent, we do proper staging to sell the house we are listing, we hire a professional photographer and we do showings and open houses. But things will be different now!

Let me explain more. Things will be different now as a new technology enters Real Estate. What is it? A brand new 3D Showcase, a whole new experience online for buyers. It will let them move to any side and any angle of the property, a completely unique sense of the place you are planning to buy. A 3D Showcase creates an emotional connection with the home.

Traditionally, we just look at the pictures and flat floor plan that won’t be able to tell the story of how you live inside of that beautiful home. The ability to walk through the home we are planning to buy is critical to a true understanding of the home’s value to an individual.

What is it for us? Well, for buyers, they can just use that 3D Showcase instead of dropping by to look the house they are eyeing, It saves their Money, Effort and Time. As a listing agent it will help them to showcase their listed property to anyone who can have access on that 3D Showcase, it will not limit the audience as if they will do showings and open houses, more chances of getting interested buyers. It will save their Money, Effort and Time. And as for the Sellers, it will save them from the hassle of preparing for showings and open houses and different people who will invade their privacy somehow.

I know some of us are being skeptical about this new technology, but if we tried to use social media for posting your listings why not try 3D Showcase.

As per Anja Drewes Properties, we always aim for the better, because we want to provide not just the best, but an excellent service we can give to all our clients.

Anja Drewes Properties, 713-298-9177


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