Home Buying During Holiday Season


Holiday season is a good time for gift-exchanging, vacation and family get together. But what about buying a house? Are you willing to do that in November or December, too?

Your answer might be yes if you are not that overparticular about the home you intend to buy.

During holiday season, sellers tend to avoid selling their home because of short days and conventional thinking that during these days, buyers are preoccupied with a lot of things “busy season”. But do you know that for those sellers who choose to put their property during this time of the year, are often under pressure and highly motivated to accept the offer? Not really, right?

A seller who put their property in the market during holiday season is a seller who needs to sell, highly motivated seller.That’s why during holiday season might be a smart time to buy. Determined buyers can take advantage of seller’s urgency.

The biggest disadvantage is the limited supply of house for sale, which occurs mainly because sellers are so uninterested. You won’t have tons of houses to choose from. But come to think of it, less competition from other buyers during the holiday season might mean you’ll be able to negotiate a favorable price for a home you want to purchase.

If you’re a serious buyer, you needn’t be shy about intruding into sellers’ homes at a time normally reserved for family and friends. If a home is for sale, presumably the owners want sincerely interested buyers to see it.

Holiday season might be best for buyers because they can get a house they want and the price that will be favorable with them.

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