End of the Year in Anja Drewes Properties


Can you believe it is almost the New Year? Before this year flies by, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your business and friendship. I would not be in business without your support.

Almost end of the year. A year that I look back and smile because I know we served you better. New friends added on my phone book and new families on their new homes. No other satisfaction can compare to what I felt when I helped 73 families to buy, sell and lease homes.

New year is coming, another year to expect new friends and new families on their new homes. My team promised a new year with a blast. Hundreds of homes to sell and homes to buy. We are not just your realtors but your friends too.

Our mission is always focused on the goal that you’re ALWAYS fully aware of everything – whether good or bad. Communication is the key between both of us. We consistently want you to feel heard and have all your doubts answered.We think professionals like Lawyer, Doctor or Realtor are the most life changing people in your lives. We take great pride in knowing that and want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your history.

I look forward to exciting new business endeavors in the coming year. Please remember me for any real estate needs you might have—I am always delighted to serve you and greatly appreciate your business.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays to you and your family!


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